Participating Schools and Professors

All instructors have managed their own businesses, have a command of the latest information on entrepreneurship, and are experts in SPECIFIC DISCIPLINES .


Central Connecticut State University​   Course number: "Lean Launch Methodology"  ENT 475 


Drew Harris.  Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy.  indentifying promising ventures and connecting with appropriate resources.  Specific Expertise: STRATEGY, CUSTOMER SEGMENTS, TEAM FORMATION, PITCHINGLinkedIn.


Dorian Yanez.  Professor of Entrepreneurship, Dorian Yanez has been working in the internet and marketing industry for over 10 years in multiple facets. From Email marketing to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, she is no stranger to the dotcom marketplace.   LinkedIn.


Fairfield University​   Course number: BES 295


Carl Scheraga.   Chair of the Department of Management in the Dolan School of Business and Professor of Business Strategy and Technology Management. His fields of research and teaching include transportation and international logistics, global strategic management, cross-cultural management, the management of technology and innovation, and entrepreneurship.   LinkedIn.

Carl Scheraga.jpg


Gateway Community College​   Course number: BES 295


Bob Zukowski.   Bob is an experienced entrepreneur and corporate marketing manager.  His focus has been on starting and growing new business opportunities.  His latest endeavor, Custom Sleep Technology, is a custom mattress company.  Prior affiliations included Vista Marketing Group, Prudential Securities and Textron.  He is also an adjunct professor of economics at Housatonic Community College.  Specific Expertise: MARKETING.  LinkedIn.

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Quinnipiac University   Course number: ENT  

Dale Jasinski,  Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy.  As someone who grew up in a family business, started his professional career as a CPA, founded and sold a system's integration company, Professor Jasinski teaches entrepreneurship and strategy from the perspective of experience, academic training, and most of all - Passion!.  
Specific Expertise: VIDEOGRAPHYLinkedin.

University of Bridgeport   Course numbers: Undergraduate MGMT-320-NVC

Elena Cahill.  Professor of Entrepreneurship at UB, and President, Globele Energy, LLC.  Elena was formerly a practicing attorney with Tyler Cooper in Hartford, and the Executive Director of the Angel Investor Forum.   LinkedIn.

Western Connecticut State University   Course number: MGT 298


Pauline Assenza. Associate Professor of Management. Responsible for the Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management option in the Management Major of the Ancell School of Business. Dr. Assenza has work experience in both manufacturing and service industries, helping organizations, especially small businesses, deal with management training and organization development issues for the last 20 years. She also is the founder of a small business, importing Eastern European folk art. See Subject Expertise: STRATEGY, OPERATIONS, SOCIAL & HUMAN  CAPITAL  LinkedIn .