Student Feedback


Below are comments from students who completed the pilot course during the intersession of 2014-15.






The single greatest learning experience of my life.

The amount of learning and skills gained surprised me.

I learned more than I have from any other class.

Taught me more than any other class.

I have taken so much from this course it is unbelievable.

Every student from any discipline will gain something from taking this course.

Everything was hands on so I retained a lot of information.

The structure of the course led to more engagement with the material.

Pulls all the disciplines together, allowing you not just to learn them, but to experience them.

Well-organized—Interactive and engaging—Intense.

It gets the brain working a million miles per hour.

If I were to only take this course, I would have felt satisfied with paying my full tuition. 

This information will stay with me for all of my life.

This class should be required to graduate.



I had the opportunity to interact with students from different college and universities.

Everyone was willing to help each other. It was like one big, happy family.

I really felt a sense of community.

Everyone was open to sharing ideas and inspiring each other to learn.

You learn how to talk to people and make connections.

Having the mentors there to help you when you got stuck made it a safe environment to try things out.



This is the most I have ever enjoyed a course.

I [took away] not only business skills, but communication skills, funny times and good memories.

I was driving home and I could feel myself smiling.  I mean a really big, happy smile.  I felt like I had just conquered the world. 



People who are able to use critical thinking to solve problems get the best jobs and move up the ladder.  This course provides just that.

I cannot remember grasping something in a classroom that relates to the outside world like this.

One of the most beneficial classes I have ever attended.

It was real!



This experience has changed my mindset toward entrepreneurship.

Showed me that I have what it takes to run a business.

I would have never thought  that I wanted to start my own business, but I do now!



This course builds confidence as well as skills.

I have a ton of motivation to continue my project and work on other ventures.

I really got inspired and energized.  I feel like “bring it” and “I got this.”

Life changing.